Friday, July 16, 2010

Snakes In A Stadium

The Canadians have created a new tradition for fans bored during the commercial timeouts of CFL games.  We're assuming CFL games are televised, at the very least in Canada, because of their funky content laws.  Let's be honest, the wave is more outdated than the desktop pc.  The vuvuzela is a fad for the other kind of football and hopefully it doesn't find its way into other sports.

Last week during a surely riveting gridiron battle between the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the Toronto Argonauts fans got a little unruly and created the world's longest beer snake (apologies to Guinness World Records).  The snake, seen in the video below, clearly covers more than one section of the stadium.  Fans from within throwing distance were so anxious to participate they willing threw their glasses filled with the finest Canadian lager towards the snake.  What a thing of beauty.

You will hardly be surprised to find that the Blue Bombers did not take kindly to the behavior of the unruly fans and they issued this statement on their "zero tolerance" code of conduct.  We can't help but think that somewhere, former Argonauts owner (and funny Canadian) John Candy is smiling.


HH said...

Those crazy Canadians. CFL must be really boring. Next time I'm at a terrible Cubs game, I'll try and start and even bigger snake in what many say is the world's biggest beer garden. Or, I'll just bring my vuvuzela and see if I get arrested. BTW - what is your twitter name? I've recently jumped on the twitter bandwagon.

jerome said...

Could you use the vuvuzela as a snake charmer's flute for the beer snake? That would be something. We cleverly go by @dumbartonsbeer on the twitter.