Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rage Against the Beer

What kind of a maroon puts up two posts on the same day?  The same kind that can go a week without posting anything of substance (or anything at all for that matter). 

So, if you follow us on the Twitter you know that we kicked off the evening with the "super dry" Asahi at Sala Thai in Petworth.  That's right, Petworth is the new U Street corridor, bitches.  Asahi is dry but otherwise the Thai version of Budweiser - and that's not necessarily a put down.  It's not necessarily a compliment either.

With friends in tow we decided to get a little crazy, harken back to our college days and see if we could track down some crazy women with the big American breasts.  Turns out they were waiting patiently for us at the local Yes! Market.  What we found was Flying Dog's Raging Bitch Belgian-style IPA. 

Who would combine a Belgian with an IPA?  The weirdos at Flying Dog, that's who.  You can pretend that these guys are crazy because it's trendy but their hero is Hunter S. Thompson and this Crazy Bitch has been around for 20 years.  And if you're honest with yourself it's part of why you love the Flying Dog.  (The other part is because you're on your fourth Bitch of the night - how often can you say that and not get in trouble?)

In our estimation this Bitch is more Belgian than IPA.  That's perfectly acceptable, unless of course you were expecting more IPA than Belgian.  However, if you're a Crazy Bitch who likes it doggie style then this brew is for you.  There really is no other good reason to drink a beer that is more than proud of it's heritage.  In fact, Steadman says you should "[w]allow in its golden glow in a glass beneath a white foaming's pure Gonzo!!"

When poured this beer has the sweet innocent look of blonde hair and blue eyes.  You know, the girl next door type who eats a man's heart - and that's only the appetizer.  The head is thick and foamy but settles well.  There is surely an aroma but we've had several samples this evening so the olfactory senses are appropriately dulled. 

Combining brews is a dangerous game.  It either works or it doesn't - there is rarely a middle ground.  Today was a rather mild mid-Atlantic summer day so perhaps that impacted our view of Crazy Bitch but we're sold.  We are fans of Belgians and we're fans of IPAs so it's not a stretch to imagine this being a good beer for our pallette.  Anyway, this is as technical as we get tonight so no fancy words like "aroma", "pithy", or "full bodied" but for this beer it wouldn't work.  Raging Bitch is chaotic.  So is this post.  If you don't like it you can suck it.

The official video is for wussies.


T.J. said...

I like this slogan:

"That's right, Petworth is the new U Street corridor, bitches."

jerome said...

Well, this was a family blog.

Jessica said...

No, no....this is totally my favorite line of the post. " However, if you're a Crazy Bitch who likes it doggie style then this brew is for you."