Friday, October 3, 2008

The BeerSpotter

We are always pleased when we find a new gem - such as somebody else reviewing the microbrews so we can spend more time drinking them and less time blogging about them.

Today we bring you The BeerSpotter (aka Orr Shtuhl) of the Washington CityPaper. This week Orr is featuring Eugene City Tracktown 100 Meter Ale. Orr even goes so far as to tell you where to purchase the beer. We don't do that because we don't want to infringe on your sense of adventure - and because it never dawned on us. Go read the review to find out why you should drink this ale - we're too lazy to cut and paste it here.

We've never come across anything from Eugene City but we have a lot of experience with their brothers and sisters at Rogue. Some of us at DB have experience running the 100 meter dash. Running is hard and since we have a day job, and time for marginally read blogs, it's clear the Olympics (not even the special ones) are not calling. If you can't break a world record what is the point of running races?

Anyway, check out the BeerSpotter and the CityPaper What the hell - check out Tracktown 100 Meter Ale too.

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Hey, cool site. I contribute to a similar blog about beer in the DC area. Check it out:

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