Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Top 5 - Oktoberfest Brews

In a complete rip off of the fine motion picture production High Fidelity and because we had trouble finding more brews to rate, we bring you the top 5 Oktoberfests around. Next year we will look beyond the local Safeway and microbrew store, Franklins. This is a very unscientific analysis. If you don't agree with this list just keep drinking until you do.

5. Lienenkugel's: The Miller Lite of Oktoberfest brews. It pains us to say that because we have friends who grew up with the cheeseheads of Wisconsin and because we've had some other Lienie's and they were quite good. If your choice is Lienie's Oktoberfest or Miller Lite, check your wallet, flip a coin, and order up.

4. Mendocino: The Toyota Camry of the list. It's fine and has decent flavor - just like vanilla ice cream. It will never fail you and it will never blow your mind.

3. Spaten: The world's first Oktoberfest brewed in 1872. And it's brewed for THE Oktoberfest - the one in Munich. Also, one of only a handful of brews that meets the strict German rules and regulations for qualifying as a beer. Need we say more?

2. Sam Adams: Our introduction to this line of brews and we've been in love since day one - which is why our heart is a bit broken that we can't make it number one. It's got great malt flavors and is ever so sweet on the palette.

1. Brooklyn Brewery: All the benefits of Sam Adams with just a bit more flavor. A little sweeter but not so much that it will turn you off. It might not hurt that we're Yankees fans and bitter that our boys are golfing while those with red socks are playing in the ALCS. What can we say but go Dodgers! Yankee Stadium - moment of silence.

Admit it, you think she's hot.

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