Friday, October 24, 2008

Free Beer Tuesday!

And as usual there is a catch. A club out of Pensacola called HandleBar is offering free beer to everyone who turns out to cast a vote in the November elections. Unfortunately, you can only get one beer for one vote - we believe it's in the Constitution (unless you live in Washington, DC). Sources claim that if you contact your local ACORN representative they can help verify that you voted more than once. We can't promise this will result in more free beer but it's worth a shot.

Since you don't get any kind of receipt for voting, the fine folks at the HandleBar are trading the commonly handed out "I voted" sticker for the free beer. We encourage everybody in the Pensacola area to vote early and vote often. If you prefer to ignore your civic duty you can always purchase a roll of "I voted" stickers for you and your friends here.

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