Tuesday, October 28, 2008

ESB Easy as 1-2-3

It dawned on us that this blog is supposed to include a fair amount of brew reviews and we've been slacking. Why have we been less accountable than a presidential candidate? We really don't have a good reason except to say that like any good Gen-Xers, we're lazy.

So, we found ourselves at our semi-local watering hole, Franklin's passing the time watching the Flyers face off against the Thrashers because there's nothing else on. Seriously, it was that or the end of the ESPN interview of Brett Favre's wife - a disseration on the uselessness of ESPN will someday be covered by our friends at Gheorge.

This evening we decided to go crazy on Franklin's newest brew Anne's ESB. Here's what we know about the brew. Anne is one of Franklin's finest - a day manager. Some have said she's bitter, like the aforementioned ESB (or our ex-wives), but we can't confirm as our midweek drinking is reserved for the evenings. We prefer to be hungover at our 9-5, not drunk. ESB is "extra special bitter" - not exactly marketing genius but don't let that scare you. This beer is where it's at if you like a complex flavor. It's literally brewed with 6 different hops and 6 different malts and the result is 6 percent alcohol - appropriately completing the late October trifecta. We're not saying ESB is evil but the flavor is pretty bad ass - if you can handle a bitter beer and flavor too.

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