Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Beer Snob Slashes Friends

The ABC affiliate in Sarasota, Florida reports that an otherwise fine, upstanding citizen was arrested for stabbing three people in a beer argument. To everybody's surprise, the stabbing occurred in a trailer. Says the report:

...deputies arrested 50-year-old Amilcar Guerra for the stabbing of three men. Deputies say Guerra became upset over the brand of beer two of the men had purchased.

"I'm telling you man, you bring Miller Lite to my trailer one more time I'm goin' to cut you." (That may not be an accurate quote.)


Too Good For You said...

I love this. I could actually see the geighbors doing this if anyone hated Bud Light. The horror.

jerome said...

Yes, Florida is a regular theme here on DB. There is clearly something in the mixture of salt air, Mickey Mouse, and alcohol that is making a mess of things. But it's damn fine entertainment.