Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March Means Beer Madness

Ripping off names of popular events for your own endeavor is nothing new (anything that ends in "apalooza" should be banned from existence). The Washington Post is doing it's own take with the bracket competition Beer Madness; not to be confused with the original March Madness, Mini-Madness, or even the English ska-band Madness.

We are not disappointed by the Post's sad attempt at naming this event. Nor are we insulted for getting snubbed as judges for the competition. To the contrary, we're just excited to see beer take an almost-front seat in a major newspaper. So, on to the highlights.

First Round
Lager Division: Gordon Biersch Marzen beats Clipper City McHenry Old Baltimore Style Beer. A chain brewpub beats out the locals from Baltimore...way to go judges.

Ale Division: Honkers Ale beats Lord Chesterfield Ale. sounds like an old, grumpy English gentleman. The other sounds like boobs.

Dark Beers Division: Brooklyn Brown and Kalamazoo Stout advance. We are big fans of both so kudos to the judges for getting this division right.

Specialty & Fruit Division: Who cares about beer brewed with fruit?

Tune in next time for our in-depth analysis of Round 2 winners and losers.


TJ said...

Or...the first annual Cauc Hop.

Pale Ale anyone?

jerome said...

No round 1 upsets in Cauc Hop is disappointing. I thought Vanilla Ice could pull it off.

rob said...

any beer contest in which bud lime advances over anything quickly loses my interest. now if jerome wanted to host a contest to pick the best of his own brews, well, now we'd be talking.

rob said...

and we had a 10/7 upset in the first round of the cauc hop - aesop rock took out paul wall.