Monday, March 30, 2009

Survey Says

We surveyed 100 people from around the Washington, DC metro area to evaluate the newly minted Firenze Ale. In retrospect, checking to confirm participants were of legal drinking age would have been a good idea. With any luck the judge will understand that this was all done in the name of science. Here's the feedback we obtained before the fuzz showed up:

Firenze pours a beautiful golden-amber color as if it were in a commercial with the Swedish bikini team. The foamy top is a nice off-white that settles well and leaves a web down the glass as you drink. Carbonation is neither overpowering nor is the brew flat. The armoma is that of an Italian (or English) ale but a bit weak. Firenze comes in at 2.89 percent ABV but only 140 calories per serving. Rather than saying the only thing Firenze lacks is solid flavor, the Marketing Department at DBB suggests that Firenze is "never-filling, always refreshing, and has an easy-drinking taste."

That, my friends, is drinkability.


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