Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring (Break) Fever

This is the peak season for conglomerate brewers of light beers. It's as if you can buy only Bud Light, Miller Lite, or Coors Lite in Florida or Cancun. OK, you can find good Mexican drug cartel powder in Cancun but there's still plenty of watered down beer. (Don't worry kids, they never go after the young, attractive, American tourists with seemingly endless supplies of disposable income).

Thus we introduce the first in our series of Spring Break '09 stories. Admittedly, there is a certain level of cross-over with "Nothing Good Happens in Florida" but residents of the peninsula state can at least take solace in the fact that most individuals featured in Spring Break '09 will be from other states. We lead off the series with this 20 year old student from Georgia:

According to the article, she's sitting on the curb drinking her Bud Light with her posse but without a care in the world. When the fuzz moves in, she refuses to provide "biographical information" or personal identification. What does underage, public intoxication while refusing to cooperate with authorities get you? "[A]n April 14 court date."



TJ said...

I know it's a family blog, but seriously, you couldn't have found a better PG-13 pic for your audience?

jerome said...

It was TV-MA, 10 shirtless dudes, or the lame pic you see on the post.

TJ said...

The dudes were doing a Schlitz Gay promo?