Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It Looks Like Pee with Whip Cream

You will not find La Chouffe on the Top 50 we discussed just a few days ago but this came as a special "pick me up" from our trusted assistant. Maybe she was impressed by the high 9.0 percent abv. Maybe she was impressed by the fact that Chouffe's Houblon is a "Dobbelen IPA Tripel". But she was probably impressed by the fact that the bottle is labeled with the Travelocity Gnome. Now, we don't speak french so we sought the help of our friends at Beer Advocate and they have this to say:

La Chouffe is "a small artisanal brewery in The Ardennes Mountains of Achouffe, Belgium. Owner Christian Bauweraerts' favorite style of beer is the Tripel. It's also nod to both traditional English India Pale Ales (IPAs) and the aggressive American Double IPA. And to round things off, "houblon" is French for 'hop'".

La Chouffe is a Belgian brew that starts out with a lot of foam. There are a lot of brews that brag about their hops but they all take a back seat to to Houblon. It reeks of hops and we mean that in the best possible way. Even hop lovers can be forgiven for being a bit intimidated by the scent. But when the foam settles take a gulp and let your taste buds enjoy the dance.

Houblon combines bitter and sweet in a way that is rarely found in beer. It's unfiltered, smooth, and has a dry finish. While the hop scent is very strong will be disappointed if you were hoping to get punched in the teeth by hop flavors. It's far too complicated a beer for something so brash. Though unfiltered, it's very refined and will make you want to drink it with your pinky finger sticking out. We dare you to not drink all 750 ml in one sitting.

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