Monday, April 13, 2009

Sensing A Theme

We kicked off this month with a double header, including a Mr. Kyle Wygle pulled over for driving a motorized bar stool while intoxicated. Not to be outdone by Mr. Wygle is Hutchinson, Minnesota's own Mr. Darwin Christensen. Mr. Christensen is on the block after apparently driving his lawnmower to the SuperAmerica convenience store while intoxicated to purchase gasoline and more beer. Yep, that's him pictured below. (Why are the always so handsome?)

In a story filled with great highlights this one stands out: "Christensen stopped at one point, and urinated on the side of the road and tossed away an empty beer."

Mr. Hutchinson faces DWI and public urination charges. In case you were wondering it is illegal in Minnesota to operate any motor vehicle under the influence.

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