Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Double Your Pleasure

Decisions, decisions. Despite several rounds of internal voting among the DBB staff we could not reach consensus on which story was more worthy of your time. So, we decided that with spring in the air we would offer the season's first official double header. Happy reading.

In Newark, Ohio, a man faces charges for getting so drunk he decided to drive his bar stool home. WBNS, 10TV reports that Mr. Kyle Wygle faces charges for admitting to police that he drank 15 beers hopped on his motorized bar stool (pictured) and then crashed it. Mr. Wygle is fighting the charges saying he didn't start drinking until after crashing the bar stool. Mr. Wygle offers this piece of advice to other bar stool riders out there: always wear a helmet.


Louisiana Representative Jerry Gisclair wants to allow barbershops the opportunity to offer thirsty customers free beer, wine, or liqour. Said the AP article: "Gisclair said his bill is an attempt to put into law specific rules so that all cosmetology businesses — barber shops, salons, day spas — can serve a limited amount of alcohol while still allowing children in their businesses." As long as the barber isn't drinking we say bottoms up.


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