Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mixing Water and Oil?

Tom Potter is best known for co-authoring a beautiful tome with Steve Hindy. Mr. Potter, along with Mr. Hindy, is also known for opening a small brewery in Brooklyn, NY way back in 1997. Having sold his shares of Brooklyn Brewery and getting in way too much kayaking, Potter is getting the itch again.

Mr. Potter is done with beer and looking to open Brooklyn's first distillery since prohibition. According to the Brooklyn Paper the "style will be “handmade,” “traditional” and “artisanal” spirits, not some bathtub gin or moonshine. He plans to buy ingredients, such as rye for his whiskey or botanicals for his gin, from an upstate organic farm." The article said that the $3 million distillery's location is yet to be identified but potential locations include the Williamsburg, Red Hook, Sunset Park, and Gowanus neighborhoods of Brooklyn.

We're not whiskey folks but if it's made by one of the co-founders of Brooklyn Brewery it's a good bet that this will be some good swill.

Sorry, we couldn't resist.

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